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For Press Releases

For Press Releases

The Theater Fanatic Network (TFN) is a media enterprise dedicated to the promotion of and presentation of non-Broadway theater entertainment and information.
The website is the primary destination of TFN. These businesses are owned by Off Broadway Audience Builders, LLC (OBAB) a privately held company.  

The team of Victor Syrmis, Eric Marciano and Andrew Shaifer bring 100 years of experience as entertainers, entrepreneurs and media creators to this visionary project.

The web site is an Internet web channel that is dedicated to establishing a dynamic Internet community devoted to the ever changing, provocative and trend-setting universe of Off Broadway and Off-Off Broadway and independent theater.

Find a Show

The site features an up to date listing of the over 200+ theater based events happening in
New York City for every Thursday through Sunday; “Find a Show” is a filtered listing that allows the visitor to find shows by genre, price and neighborhood. It is accompanied with an exuberant video program that highlights the most compelling shows for the week. The site is also a web channel and presents a wide variety of theater themed original video programming, streaming stage productions and a nexus of the best web based video programming devoted to non-Broadway theater; a TV Channel fanatically focused on independent theater.

Original Entertainment Programming

Our website features original video programming dedicated exclusively to the non-Broadway world.  As ESPN is to sports programming so TFN is to theater programming. Our media is comprised of many programs and series featuring original characters and storylines, interviews and presentations, blogs, contests and ticket giveaways. These programs highlight the plays, playwrights, producers, directors, actors, theaters and theater companies that make this vital community their home.

Theater in Video – Streaming Stage

We also offer very special programming, Streaming Stage – current and archived Off Broadway, Off-Off Broadway and Experimental Theater shows.

Though Off Broadway theaters can have up to 499 seats and shows can run for many weeks before closing or moving to larger theaters, many utterly compelling independent theater productions have a run of six weeks for eight nights a week in a 99 seat theater. This means the maximum amount of people that can see a show are 4752. We want many more people to see these shows. We want to let the world see these innovative works. If that can’t come to New York City to see this evocative theater they should be able to see these works from their home in London, or their iPad in Iowa or their phone in Hong Kong.

The Theater District: Neighborhoods and a the Fanatic Event Planner

In addition to the dynamic listings and rich video content TFN will offer a video of designed evenings called “Fanatic Event Planner” where locals and tourists alike can learn about a planned package of an excellent restaurant, compelling shows and a unique post theater destination in a unique New York neighborhood for the total New York independent theater experience.

The Launch

Theater Fanatic Network will be formally launched in November 15th  2013.  

Ahead of the formal launch, the company is securing financing, strategic partners and sponsors in order to produce content, prepare the public relations strategy and plan the expansion to the other major theater markets in the United States and the world.

For more information contact:
Eric Marciano
646-338-6841 or