A very young Cendrillon stands at the bedside of her terminally ill mother. Barely able to hear the words of the dying woman, not daring to ask her mother to repeat herself, the young girl becomes obsessed with her mother’s final words.  This unique and adult take on the classic fairy tale explores the question of “how does one navigate both the ashes of the past and the concrete realities of the present, while at the same time, embracing the effervescent life of an overflowing and feverish imagination?”

The arrival of acclaimed master French theater-maker Joël Pommerat continues NYTW’s ongoing interest in collaborations with artists from beyond our borders.  This production marks the first time Pommerat has worked in the English language, and promises to be a CINDERELLA like no other you have ever seen.


Cinderella/Cendrillon Creative Team

Original text and direction by Joël Pommerat