Episode Synopsis

Emma’s boyfriend left her. Her younger brother's flown in to make sure she eats. She has papers to grade, a thesis to write and the rest of her life to figure out. Oh yeah, she’s also been drinking and talking with serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer… there’s also that. 

We're Glass Bandits Theater Company: Meredith, Carl, Eddie, Melinda and Paul.  We are presenting Paul Cameron Hardy’s “feeling.” Directed by Eddie Prunoske at the New Ohio Theater at 154 Christopher Street

 Bleak. Funny. Original.

OCTOBER 5th-26th                                                                                                                            The New Ohio Theater

OPENING OCTOBER 7th                                                                                                                  154 Christopher Street 

TUESDAY-SATURDAY @ 8pm                                                                                                        $ 25 General Admission

SUNDAY @ 7pm                                                                                                                               $ 15 Student at Door with ID

MATINEES 10/20 & 10/26 @ 2pm

We knew Paul was tapping into something special at the first reading of feeling. His powerful piece was then presented as a staged reading for the company's alma mater, the Acting Conservatory at SUNY Purchase. From there, Paul was invited to participate in The Great Plains Theater Conference, and feeling was subsequently featured in the October issue of American Theater Magazine. We were also awarded ArtNY's Creative Space Grant to subsidize the costs of our rehearsal space for the fall production. This play has momentum and we are thrilled to continue forward on its journey.

Through this Kickstarter campaign, we will be able to produce a full production of feeling, Sept. 23 through Oct. 12 at the New Ohio Theater in lower Manhattan. It's our most exciting project to date, with new surprises and the Bandit commitment to making every play an accessible theatrical event.

The 2013-14 Development Cycle

There's more: Beginning in October, in different NYC locations each month, we Bandits are continuing into 2013-14 with our Living Room Readings. New work, in a variety of exploratory stages, is read aloud and discussed in a supportive environment of friends and collaborators.

From this fertile incubator, those ideas which seem best suited for a future full Bandit production are further developed in our staged reading series Beforeplay: Readings in the Raw, or with a Work//Shop production where larger ideas are tested with intentionally small budgets in order to maximize ingenuity and take the idea to its essential form.

From there the most delicious, exciting, fully developed project graduates to a full fall 2014 production with lights, costumes, scenery, and sound. Presented in the venue most suited to the piece, be it a theater or an art gallery, every Bandit production has an accessible, immersive entry point for every member of our audience.