Episode Synopsis

“HAIR would mark the last time that a Broadway score would filter so pervasively into the mainstream of the pop charts, a transition taken for granted in the days of Rodgers and Hart. None of its theatrical imitators would achieve anything like the same success.”

Clive Barnes – New York Times – May 5, 2001

The iconic composer of this landmark musical is currently being celebrated in the upcoming film on his musical life story, Ear of the Heart: The Music of Galt MacDermot”

Flying under the radar for years, Galt has been prolifically creating an astounding array of music over half a century: musicals, film scores, jazz classics, opera and ballet works. He won his first award, a Grammy, in 1961 for his composition “African Waltz”, which was recorded by Cannonball Adderley. The current armed conflict in Iraq and the continued popularity of the hip-hop scene have brought renewed attention to Galt's vast collection of original music. Ear of the Heart: The Music of Galt MacDermot not only conveys the genius of his music, illustrating the quiet prominence of his background influence in the industry over the decades, but it also delves into the heart of Galt MacDermot – the man, the peace activist, and penultimate artist driven by principle, humility, and the simple desire to create beautiful melodies no matter what the political environment or the cultural sound du' jour.

Jeff Lunger, director, editor and producer has worked as an editor in New York on a wide variety of projects. He was one of the founders of the New Festival - New York’s Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. His deep respect for and knowledge of Galt MacDermot and his music and his passion for the story behind the legend  were the beginnings of this film. Meredith Jacobson Marciano, a significant presence within the New York casting world and a devoted fan of HAIR and Galt’s music, paired up with Jeff to embark on this project as Producer. Eric Marciano an award winning filmmaker and owner of American Montage, Inc., a New York production company came on as the executive producer, cinematographer, and the production company. Eric’s life long love affair with music and history of producing music related projects such as LeRoy Neiman’s: Big Band and Moody’s Mood for Love saw the promise and need for a film about this special composer.

For the past eight years Eric, Meredith and Jeff have the exquisite pleasure of interviewing, filming and editing performances by many of the significant family, friends, collaborators and fellow musicians who have worked with Galt MacDermot over the past 50 years. The combination of some of the most memorable music of the last 50 years in what is integral Baby Boomers and Hip Hoppers alike mixed with a current and critical political message makes for a one of a kind entertainment experience.